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MapMaker V.2.0
jnt - 19.4.2009 18:17

Tegemist siis mapmaker'iga. Eelnev teema oli kustunud ja teen nüüd uue. Palju praegu kirjutada ei jõua/viitsi, kuid hiljem täiendan. :P

Mapmakeri info ise.

MapMaker V.2.0
Made by Joonatan Uusväli

This program is made for making tile based maps for many different types of games. After you build the map, program can save and load it and export map's information to txt file wich can be used by some other games.

How it works
Menu Buttons
Little description of every menu button:
N - Starts creating a new map. Unsaved data will be lost.
S - Saves current map.
L - Loads a map. Unsaved data will be lost.
E - Exports current map to txt file. (More inforamtion above)
G - Switches grid on/half transparent/off.
I - Shows this screen.
Q - Quits program. Unsaved data will be lost.

How to build map
To create map, you need first select a tile. To select tile click mouse's right button or press enter key and tile list appears. Select tile by clicking on it with mouse's left button. If there is more tiles than there can be on screen at one moment, you can use up and down arrow keys to scroll the tile list.
When a tile is selected you need to place it on the map. To do so just click mouse's left button on the map and tile appears there.
Additionally you can put borders on that tile. To do so, you need to select "Border tool" from tile list. After selecting that tool, move your mouse on tile's border, where you want to add border. (little border appears then on tile) Press mouse's left button and border will be added to that tile.
To add teleports, you have to select "Teleport tool" from the tile list. After that move your mouse on teleport source tile's border (like with "Border tool") and press mouse's left button. Then move your mouse on destination tile and press mouse's left button again. Teleport has been created. To delete teleport, start creating teleport like you normally do, but set destination tile same as source tile. Teleport will be deleted then.
For more you can add your own parameters to tiles. To do so, choose "Costum parameters" tool from tile list and then click on tile, to wich you want to add your parameter. A menu appears. Choose "Add parameter" and you will be promped for parameter. Type it in and press ENTER. To change that, click again on that tile with "Costum parameters" tool and choose "Change parameter" from menu. Another menu appears from where you have to choose parameter, wich you want to change. Click on that parameter and you will be prompted for new value. To delete parameter, do same, as before, but from the first menu choose "Delete parameter". Again, another menu appears with parameters and when you click on parameter, it will be deleted.
When you want to delete a tile, click mouse's left button. Tile selection appears. Choose red X from the list and after that click on tile, wich you want to delete.
You can also move your screen by using arrow keys.

How to use my own tiles?
To use your own tiles to make maps, delete previous tile files from gfx folder and put your own in. Remember, every tile must have same sizes and width and height must be same. Tile's size is calculated from first picture's width program gets from gfx folder.

File types
.map - map files are actually ini files. Section is tile's id and keys are additional information about this tile. Format is above:
[tile's id]
pict=picture file
x=x cordinate
y=y cordinate
telendir=does it have teleport to north? (0 if not, 1 if yes)
telenx=north teleport destination x cordinate.
teleny=north teleport destination y cordinate.
telesdir=does it have teleport to south? (0 if not, 1 if yes)
telesx=south teleport destination x cordinate.
telesy=south teleport destination y cordinate.
teleedir=does it have teleport to east? (0 if not, 1 if yes)
teleex=east teleport destination x cordinate.
teleey=east teleport destination y cordinate.
telewdir=does it have teleport to west? (0 if not, 1 if yes)
telewx=west teleport destination x cordinate.
telewy=west teleport destination y cordinate.
n=destination tile's id to north. (0 if none)
s=destination tile's id to south. (0 if none)
e=destination tile's id to east. (0 if none)
w=destination tile's id to west. (0 if none)
bn=does it have border on north? (1 if yes, otherwise 0)
bs=does it have border on south? (1 if yes, otherwise 0)
be=does it have border on east? (1 if yes, otherwise 0)
bw=does it have border on west? (1 if yes, otherwise 0)
your parameters
params=xxx (data for mapmaker to remember your parameters)
.txt - exported txt file, wich contains also all that information, but in different way. Every tile has it's own line in file and the format is above:
id|tile file name|north|south|east|west|

Press ESC to exit from help.

Made by Joonatan Uusväli 2008

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jnt - 19.4.2009 18:21

ups, juhtub, korras nüüd... :P